An inter-agency working group on water soldier was formed in 2008 to help coordinate research, monitoring, control and prevention strategies. Agency groups include: Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters, Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks, Trent University, Lower Trent Conservation, Parks Canada and Ontario Invasive Plant Council.

2018 Monitoring

May-June: Reconnaissance was completed from the Highway 30 Bridge upstream to Hastings, and on the Bay of Quinte where over 40 kilometers of prime habitat was evaluated. No water soldier was detected in either of these locations. The monitoring crew also investigated the Glen Ross stretch of river directly below Percy Reach, unfortunately there were several populations of water soldier found below Glen Ross. This required the working group to implement the monitoring protocol on this 10 kilometre portion of the river and systematically sample for all populations adding 1200 point intercepts to the overall monitoring efforts.

July-August: Monitoring of Percy Reach, Crowe Bay, and Lake Seymour was conducted. A 50 meter by 50 meter grid was overlaid on the three waterbodies and at each point intercept, the presence/absence and abundance of water soldier was recorded. The results from the monitoring have revealed that the 2017 herbicide treatment was very successful, a 78% decrease of water soldier on Lake Seymour (171 ha in 2017 to 37.74 ha in 2018), and a  48 % reduction of water soldier on Crowe Bay (7.53 ha in 2017 and 3.86 ha in 2018). There was an increase in Percy Reach this year with the total hectares in Percy Reach and the back channel (Wilson Island) being 10.91 ha in 2017 and the results of the monitoring in 2018 revealed that there was 38.63 ha present.

August: Water Soldier Watch Day was held on Friday August 03, 2018 in the stretch of river between Glen Ross and Frankford. 21 members of the public attended, covering over 22 kilometres of shoreline, and 3 new water soldier populations were discovered. The Water Soldier Open House was held on August 29, 2018 at the Campbellford Community Resource Centre to inform the public of the monitoring and surveillance efforts and the control efforts planned for the fall of 2018. 29 members of the community attended the event. The working group hosted a second open house on August 30 at the Trenton Library as an information session for the community south of Campbellford to attend and learn more about water soldier and inform them that there will be an herbicide treatment occurring in the newly infested area between Glen Ross and Frankford. 16 members of the community attended this event.

October:  Again this year, the Water Soldier working group was able to secure enough resources to treat all of the known water soldier populations in the Trent River. A total of 87 ha of water soldier was recorded present in the Trent River through the monitoring efforts, and a total area of 160 ha was treated from October 2, 2018 to October 5, 2018.

Seymour – Summer 2018

Crowe Bay – Summer 2018

Percy Reach – Summer 2018

Glen Ross – Summer 2018

Seymour – Summer 2019Seymour Water Soldier Map 2019

Crowe Bay – Summer 2019Crowe Bay Water Soldier Map 2019

Percy Reach – Summer 2019Percy Reach Final Map v3

Glen Ross – Summer 2019Glenn Ross Water Soldier Map 2019

September 2015, Pre Herbicide Treatment

July 2016, Post Herbicide Treatment