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Welcome to the Virtual Classroom!

This virtual resource is designed to support educators in providing their students with an engaging, self-guided way to learn about invasive species, biodiversity, and what we can do to protect our ecosystems. Available in primary/junior or intermediate/senior learning levels, teachers and students can visit the virtual classroom to explore learning resources, curriculum-integrated activities, games, pre-recorded video lessons, and more.

Our virtual classroom uses Google Slides. To access the classroom, click on the button below. On each slide there are interactive links to navigate the classroom and take you to the activities, videos, and resources. You can hover your mouse cursor in the bottom left-hand corner to access more options and move between the slides.

Enjoy exploring the Invading Species Virtual Classroom! 

Want to learn more?

If there is more you’d like your class to learn, or if your students have questions, we welcome you to book a live, virtual Q&A session with our education Liaison, Emma! You may also schedule a classroom presentation (virtually), on any of the topics reviewed in the classroom.

Book a session today by contacting:

Looking for more resources? Check out our Resources for Teachers page!

Reporting Invasive Species | Ontario's Invading Species Awareness Program

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