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Making Waves!

What is Making Waves?

A fun, informative, activity-filled teacher resource kit that introduces children to the concept of healthy habitats and communities and our role in protecting them from aquatic invasive species. This kit is available free of charge.

All of Earth's habitats and species' communities are essential, however, all are challenged with some form of habitat interference and at times, destruction. Aquatic habitats play a very important role in life systems, however they are threatened by aquatic invasive species, such as zebra mussels, round goby, and spiny water flea. The first line of defense is prevention, which can be achieved through educational outreach. With public awareness and action, the potential for habitat interference or destruction can be greatly managed and reduced. Through an introduction to invasive species, Making Waves!: Protecting Ontario's Aquatic Habitats will familiarize Grade 4 students with the concept of healthy habitats and communities, and demonstrate how our actions, as individuals, can have a meaningful influence on maintaining the balance within them.

Making Waves! is a lesson package that revolves around the Ontario Curriculum's Science and Technology – Life Systems strand with integrated lessons and warm-up/wrap-up activities that reach across many other subject/strand areas:

(See: Full Expectations Listing on the CD for details on which Ontario Curriculum goals are met by this package.)


  • DVD – Invaders in Our Waters
  • Invasive species fact sheets, watch cards, stickers, brochures, and posters
  • Curriculum-linked, integrated activities in Grade 4 Science, Language, Physical Education and Art
  • Lessons and warm-up activities designed to highlight curriculum expectations and terminology; Lessons have extensions, accommodations and ideas for evaluation.
  • Constructivist approaches and a variety of teaching strategies
  • Electronic versions of our educational materials


Making Waves! Grade 4 CurriculumPhoto Credits: Students at the Peel Children’s Water Festival Summer 2007 playing the "Sunblock" lesson of Making Waves!



  • Meet curriculum expectations through lessons developed with Constructivist and Experiential teaching philosophies in mind – allowing students a deeper understanding and greater ownership over the knowledge they are gaining.
  • Teach Science concepts through integrated activities, different learning styles and strategies, multiple intelligences and differentiated instruction.
  • Meet the current teaching trend of integration – combining various subject areas in one lesson so as to represent the comprehensive nature of "real life".
  • Enable children to understand new concepts by making connections to previous experiences and to the world around them.


To order Making Waves!: Protecting Ontario's Aquatic Habitats, please email us at info@invadingspecies.com or call the Invading Species Hotline at 1-800-563-7711. You may also download the materials from the link below.


Grade 4 Curriculum Kit - Making Waves! Protecting Ontario's Aquatic Habitats
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Grade 6 Curriculum Kit - Invasive Species: A Biodiversity Challenge!
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Funding for this project was provided in part by: The Invasive Alien Species Partnership Program, a Government of Canada initiative, and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources through the Canada-Ontario Agreement Respecting the Great Lakes Basin Ecosystem.