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Invasive Species Act

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Invasive Species Act

Enacted in 2015 and amended in 2022 and 2024, the Invasive Species Act provides a framework for identifying, classifying, and managing invasive species in Ontario. As of the amendment in 2024, 28 species and 3 genera are now prohibited, meaning it is illegal to import, transport, possess, or release these species anywhere in Ontario. Additionally, 15 species and 1 genus are restricted, meaning it is illegal to import or release them anywhere in Ontario and illegal to bring them into a conservation reserve or national park. Under the Act, invasive species are non-native species that can cause harm to the environment, economy, and human health.

As of Jan. 1, 2022, amendments also included new regulations pertaining to pigs, as well as recognizing watercraft as a vector of spread for Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS)

New regulations require users to ‘Clean’ and ‘Drain’ their watercraft and equipment after removing it from the water and transporting it across land. This includes pulling drain plugs and other devices to allow the watercraft to be emptied of water, including draining live wells, as well as removing any animal or plant material from the watercraft or equipment. ‘Watercraft’ includes motorboats, rafts, canoes, and kayaks, while watercraft equipment includes trailers, ropes, fenders, and anchors. To learn more, CLICK HERE

Wild pigs (Sus scrofa) have been listed under the Invasive Species Act as a ‘restricted species,’ which means that no one is permitted to allow a pig to be released into the wild in Ontario. It is also prohibited to hunt for, or trap, wild pigs in Ontario unless they have authorization from the Minister or are protecting their property on their land. Additionally, Eurasian wild boar farming will be phased out in Ontario by 2022. After that time, it will be illegal to possess a Eurasian wild boar in Ontario. To learn more about Ontario’s strategy to address the threat of invasive wild pigs, CLICK HERE


  • Bighead Carp 
  • Black Carp 
  • Grass Carp 
  • Silver Carp 
  • Snakeheads (all Channa spp.)  
  • Stone Moroko 
  • Wels Catfish 
  • Zander 
  • Tench 
  • Prussian Carp 
  • Ide
  • Eastern and Western Mosquitofish
    • Nutria
    • Wild Pig
      • Mountain Pine Beetle
      Aquatic Invertebrates
      • Common yabby 
      • Golden mussel 
      • Killer shrimp
      • Marbled crayfish
      • Red swamp crayfish
      • New Zealand mud snail 
      • Genus Procambarus
      • Genus Pacifastacus
      • Brazilian waterweed 
      • European water chestnut 
      • Hydrilla 
      • Parrot feather 
      • Water soldier 
      • Oxygen weed
      • Genus Salvinia


      • Black dog-strangling vine 
      • Dog-strangling vine
      • Japanese knotweed 
      • Phragmites 
      • Tree-of-Heaven
      • Carolina fanwort 
      • Yellow floating heart 
      • Bohemian knotweed
      • Giant knotweed 
      • Himalayan knotweed 
      • European frog-bit 
      • Eurasian water-milfoil
      • Floating primrose-willow
      • Flowering-rush
      • Genus Azolla
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