Owning an aquarium can be an exciting and enjoyable pastime. Many aquarium and pet stores sell beautiful exotic species that are wonderful when viewed through the glass of an aquarium. Unfortunately, some of the plants, fish, and animals sold in aquarium and pet stores have the potential to survive in our waters and potentially become invasive.

What You Can Do

  • Learn how to identify invasive species that are a threat to Ontario.
  • To avoid accidental releases or escapes, place water gardens away from natural waterways and possible flooding situations.
  • When buying aquatic plants, fish or invertebrates choose a reputable nursery or aquarium retailer.
  • Never dispose of aquatic plants, invertebrates or fish into natural waterways.
  • If you think you’ve seen an invasive species in the wild, please contact the Invading Species Hotline at 1-800-563-7711, or visit the EDDMapS Ontario website to report a sighting.