Today, pet owners are able to select from a variety of aquatic plants, invertebrates, and fish that can be readily available at local pet stores, aquarium outlets, or via mail order or the internet. Exotic species are desired because of the beauty and variety they offer.

Unfortunately, some of these exotic species have the potential to become invasive due to accidental or intentional release into natural areas, having negative impacts on native species and ecosystems.

You can help prevent the spread of invasive species.

  • Learn how to identify invasive species that are a threat to Ontario.
  • Consider using only tropical or non-invasive species in your aquarium or water garden
  • To avoid accidental releases or escapes, place water gardens away from natural water-ways and possible flooding situations
  • When buying aquatic plants, fish or invertebrates choose a reputable nursery or aquarium retailer
  • Never collect plants or fish from the wild
  • Never dispose of aquatic plants, invertebrates or fish into natural waterways. Dispose of any unwanted plants by drying them completely or freezing and discarding in the household garbage or local Green Bin Program
  • Return any unwanted turtles, snails, fish or plants to your local retailer, or find them a new home online or at a local school
  • Report all sightings to the Invading Species Hotline 1-800-563-7711 or make a report online