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Invading Species Hit Squad

The Invading Species Hit Squad delivers on the ground, community based invasive species education, awareness and monitoring initiatives. Working in partnership with OMNR district offices, stewardship councils, conservation authorities, and non-governmental organizations, over 20 summer students are hired annually to attend local festivals and events, deliver educational programming to the public, and monitor local areas for invasive species.

Members of the Invading Species Hit Squad visit bait retailers, marinas, and garden centers to share boat launch signs and educational materials with the clients of these businesses, and are always looking for additional opportunities to engage their community in invasive species education and awareness.

To learn how you can get involved or for more information, contact the Invading Species Hotline 1-800-563-7711.

2015 Hit Squad Team

ISAP Hit Squad - Becca Ascott
Becca Ascott
ISAP Hit Squad - Carine Nolet
Carine Nolet
Kirkland Lake
ISAP Hit Squad - Cassandra Galarneau
Cassandra Galarneau
ISAP Hit Squad - Cody Smith
Cody Smith
ISAP Hit Squad - Connor Ferguson
Connor Ferguson
Grand Bend
ISAP Hit Squad - Elizabeth Salter
Elizabeth Salter
Carleton Place
ISAP Hit Squad - Erica Bond
Erica Bond
ISAP Hit Squad -Greg McGrath
Greg McGrath
ISAP Hit Squad - Josh Deline
Josh Deline
ISAP Hit Squad -Kayla Moore
Kayla Moore
ISAP Hit Squad - Maria Vareava
Maria Varaeva
Sutton West
ISAP Hit Squad - Nolan Neville
Nolan Neville
ISAP Hit Squad - Rachel Nauta
Rachel Nauta
ISAP Hit Squad - Skylar McKay
Skylar McKay
Wasaga Beach