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Early Detection Network

The Early Detection of newly arrived invasive species is critical for the success of any rapid response effort to contain or eradicate the species. The Invading Species Awareness Program seeks to train citizen scientist volunteers and industry professionals across the province in invasive species identification, monitoring, and reporting protocols. The network of volunteers assists the Invading Species Awareness Program in monitoring, reporting, and coordinating activities to stem the spread of invasive species and prevent the establishment of new invasive species. Members of the Early Detection Network can sign up for our E-newsletter to keep up to date on the status of invasive species in Ontario.

Training workshops focus on invasive species identification, and demonstrating the preservation of specimens and reporting procedures and have been delivered across Ontario.

Interested in a workshop? To learn how you can get involved or for more information, contact the Invading Species Hotline 1-800-563-7711.


Icon of Webinar - Introduction To EDDMapS Ontario (mp4) Webinar - Introduction To EDDMapS Ontario (mp4) (6.6 MiB)