What is Invasive Species: A Biodiversity Challenge?

A fun, informative, activity-filled teacher resource kit that introduces students to the concept of biodiversity and healthy habitats and our role in protecting them.  This kit is available free of charge.

All of the Earth’s inhabitants, from mammals and plants to microbes and fungi, are interconnected and essential for human survival. However, these creatures are often threatened by human actions that threaten their survival. Pollution, overconsumption of resources, the spread of invasive species, climate change and habitat loss all threaten biodiversity. Through Invasive Species: A Biodiversity Challenge! Grade 6 students develop their understanding of concepts related to biodiversity, and demonstrate how their personal choices and actions influence biodiversity in their world.

Invasive Species: A Biodiversity Challenge! has been designed to meet the revised (2007) Ontario Science and Technology Curriculum – Life Systems strand expectations. Lessons are integrated and warm-up/wrap-up activities reach across many other subject areas. Subjects and strands included are:

Subject Strand
Science and Technology Life Systems
Social Studies Canada and World Connections
Language Reading/Oral Communication
Health & Physical Education Media Literacy
The Arts Drama
Visual Arts
Mathematics Number Sense and Numeration

(See: Full Expectations Listing on the CD for details on which Ontario Curriculum goals are met by this package.)

Kit Includes

  • DVD – Invaders in Our Waters
  • Invasive species fact sheets, watch cards, stickers, brochures, and posters
  • Curriculum-linked integrated activities for teaching Grade 6 Science and Technology, Language, Social Studies, Health and Physical Education, and the Arts.
  • Lessons and warm-up/wrap-up activities with extensions, suggestions for assessment and ideas to ensure inclusion.

Kit Objectives

  • Meet curriculum expectations through lessons developed with constructivist and experiential teaching philosophies in mind – allowing students a deeper understanding of biodiversity and greater ownership over the knowledge they are gaining.
  • Teach science concepts through integrated activities, and differentiated instruction to accommodate varied learning styles and multiple intelligences.
  • Provide opportunities for integration among curricula by combining learning various subject areas within one lesson, giving students “real life” learning opportunities.
  • Enable students to understand new concepts by making connections to previous experience and to the world around them.
  • Provide teachers with easy-to-use lesson plans and activities that are flexible, and use readily available and inexpensive materials.

To order Invasive Species: A Biodiversity Challenge!, please email us at info@invadingspecies.com or call the Invading Species Hotline at 1-800-563-7711.